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My main purpose as a trainer is to help as many women as possible learn to truly become healthier versions of themselves through providing health fitness mentoring and coaching. My why is rooted in my personal realization that our physical and mental health is non-replaceable, and that women get so caught up in looking after everyone else around them (especially moms) that they forget how to connect with their own bodies to keep it healthy. At the time of producing this program i'm about 7 months pregnant.

It is my passion to help individuals such as yourself learn and understand your own body in order to age with grace and strength.

I believe through a mindful body connection you can effectively strengthen and improve your body's resilience towards preventable injuries and morbidities, making it more reliable and functional allowing you the physical ability to live and enjoy life to your heart's desire!

Growing old is truly a gift.

And I deeply believe it can be done without or with very little use of medication and hospital interventions once we take the time to listen to and properly train our bodies to keep it ticking.

Let's connect and become stronger together!

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